Miracle and Peace Parish

Let me start by giving glory to the only one God, the creator of the entire universe and his Son, Jesus Christ the savior of mankind, who is the centerpiece of Celestial Church of Christ.

Celestial Church of Christ, Miracle and Peace Parish was called into vocation by the Holy Spirit of God on September 22, 1997. The Lord had revealed several times to me concerning the formation of a new parish. I had also received numerous prophecies from both Celestial and Cherubim prophets about the establishment of a new parish.

Finally, after several years of these constant revelations, I decided to set up the parish. I went out looking for a rental property that would be suitable for the church. I searched for two weeks without any success before I decided to seek God's help. One night before I went to bed, I prayed to God that if He truly wanted me to set up a parish, that He should direct me to the right location.

After that prayer, I had a dream. I saw a man that was about 9 to 12 feet tall who asked me to follow him. As we were walking, he told me to pay attention to the path we were taking so that I would not forget when I would come alone.  We walked about 12 miles from Grand Prairie, Texas to Irving, Texas. When we got to our destination, he showed me the address of the building and the suite number, and then he left! When I woke up I drove to that area and found the building that matched the address and suite number revealed in my dream.  I exclaimed and chanted seven Hallelujah, Ebenezer and Hosanna to the Lord God of Host. We then set up the church and named it "Irving Parish."

Days later, I received instructions from the Lord, and He said that I must conform to the rules and tenets of the church and that love must be the bed rock of this new parish.  He told me that if I could do this, the parish would be His forever. 

The name of the church, "Irving Parish," was later changed through spiritual directives. On one Friday evening after the recessional hymn (Jerih Moh Yamah), a prophetess in our midst went into trance and said the name we gave to the church was wrong. She said "If God is God the true name of the Parish will be revealed to the shepherd before tomorrow." Truthfully, the name Miracle Parish was given to me that night in a dream and we immediately changed the name. 

In 2012, immediately after our annual harvest, a visiting prophet from Nigeria revealed that God had added "Peace" to the name of the parish. The name of the church then became "MIRACLE & PEACE PARISH."



To carry out the words of Christ Himself in Mathew 28:19-20, when he said, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you". The Church of Christ is a congregation of born again and baptized believers who must worship God in absolute reverence and holiness. They must be seen as true worshippers by demonstrating meekness, humility and love for God and fellow neighbors.


  1. To proclaim good news to poor.
  2. To announce freedom for those that have been imprisoned by Satan.
  3. To restore sight to the blind and set free the oppressed.
  4. To teach the world about the coming of Christ; the doom day or the day of Armageddon.
  5. To teach strongly and elaborately that Christ is given freely to the world through a virgin birth to redeem the world.
  6. To employ series of media to further the teaching of Christ
  7. To set up schools and university so that people might receive advance training in theology.
  8. To care for the poor and homeless, and to make charity the bed rock of the church.



We believe that there is only one God. He is infinite and the maker of heaven and earth and everything that is in it; both living and non -living. He is indescribably glorious in holiness, and worthy of all adorations and honor. He is self existing.

We believe also that Jesus is the Christ, the only Begotten Son of God. He is partly human and partly God and through Him all things were made. He is eternally existent and equal to his father in every conceivable way. He was sacrificed and through his precious Blood reconciled man to God.
We also believe that Holy Spirit is a Divine person who is equal to the Father and the Son. He is power, fire and strength of Almighty God. He is the pillar in the new birth. He saves the believers and strengthens us against principalities that exist in high places.

Michael Ife Obayangban
Shepherd In Charge

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