CCC Doctrines

These are the Doctrines of Celestial Church of Christ as ordained by the Holy Spirit


(1)  Members of Celestial Church of Christ are forbidden to engage or participate in any form of idolatory


(2) Members of Celestial Church of Christ are forbidden to engage in any form of  fornication and adultery


(3) Consumption of alcohol, cigarette or snuffing of any type of tobacco is forbidden to members of the Celestial Church of Christ


(4) Members of Celestial Church of Christ are not permitted to eat Pork or any form of crawling animals


(5) Members are forbidden to wear apparels made of black or red materials except for professional reasons


(6) Members should not wear shoes on their spiritual garment (Sutana) or within the Sanctuary


(7) Male and female members are forbidden to sit together side-by-side within the Church and its premises


(8) Female members are not allowed to come within the demarcated precincts of the Sanctuary during their monthly period until they are clear and sanctified: they are to bring a sponge, soap, a stick of candle and water mixed with Miss Paris for prayer of sanctification


(9) Female members do not lead congregation in service and are forbidden from entering the altar area 


(10) Members of Celestial Church do not attend all night parties or merry-go-round at night 



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